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OCT, 2016

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The long term success of any business depends on the quality of its employees.  Having employees that are well trained, productive, and motivated improves both the capabilities of the business and the satisfaction level of customers.

But how do you develop a team of employees with the skills necessary to perform well?  There are two option available.  The first option is to spend a large amount of money hiring talented individuals who have the perfect set of qualifications.  The other option is to train your existing staff so they have the skills that your business requires.

This article will focus on option two —training employees from the ground up.  We’ll explain the many advantages obtained when using apprenticeships and training programs to up-skill your workforce.  The advantages are far more wide reaching than most employers expect.  Let’s check them out.

Apprenticeship programs and training schemes build employee loyalty

Employees who receive training from a business tend to be more loyal to that business.  This loyalty often stems from the fact that they are thankful for the opportunities that their employer has provided.  If they were first employed as an apprentice, they may also become comfortable with the way that the business operates and build strong relationships with other employees during their training.

Having a loyal staff reduces employee turnover and all the costs associated with high turnover rates.  Your business can avoid regularly advertising for new staff, paying employment companies, integrating new staff into the business, and dealing with the repercussions of hiring the wrong person for the job!  Reducing costs relating to employee turnover is an important part of employee training ROI (return on investment).

Employee training schemes create promotable employees

Promoting employees to senior positions usually delivers better results than hiring outside of the business.  That’s because your current employees already know the business well.  They also have strong relationships with other employees and your customers.

Training employees gives you the certainty that they have the skills necessary to be promoted to higher positions within the business.  You will also discover which employees are more suitable for promotion from their performance during training sessions and internal evaluations.

Employees see on-going training as an attractive work benefit

Offering access to apprenticeships and training programs makes your business much more attractive to potential employees.  Your business will begin to attract employees who are eager to better themselves and develop their skills.  Drawing in these high-quality employees will help to ensure the ongoing success of the business.

Employee training ROI is very high

The return on investment obtained by training employees is very high.  In addition to reducing staff turnover:

  • Your employees will be better at their jobs
    Trained employees have better knowledge and are very productive in the workplace. Your business will get more done each workday, projects will be finished sooner, and your customers will be much happier.
  • Your employees will be more confident
    Employees who are more knowledgeable will be more confident in the workplace and be able to tackle more complex tasks
  • The number of mistakes occurring in the workplace will decrease
    This can be a significant component of the employee training ROI that businesses receive. Your employees will make less mistakes when working, which reduces the cost of doing business.

Employee training makes you focus on the future
Organising apprenticeships and employee training schemes helps you focus on the future of your business.  You will be thinking about the direction that your business is heading and its staffing requirements in the coming years.  You are less likely to be surprised by sudden changes in the industry and you won’t be left with a shortage of skilled staff.

You will be surrounded by highly skilled professionals
Training employees will help you develop a team of highly skilled professionals that you know and trust.  You can use their expertise to make better decisions and to help you come up with creative solutions to problems.  Your business will be better equipped to adapt to changing operating conditions and succeed in the long run.

Employing apprentices improves your bottom line

Apprentice wages are quite affordable and you will be developing an employee who is highly-skilled and loyal to the business.

If your business has fewer than 50 employees, the government will pay for the total cost of training your apprentices.  However, if your business has an annual pay bill of more than £3 million, you will have to pay the apprentice levy.  The apprentice levy is used to help fund apprentice training schemes.  The UK government has a goal of 3 million apprentice starts by 2020, so now is the perfect time to hire an apprentice.

How the Tess Group can help you train your employees

The Tess Group is an independent learning provider that works with both job seekers and businesses.  We connect motivated job seekers with apprenticeships and help businesses find keen apprentices.  Our company also helps businesses develop their staff through work-based apprenticeships and learning programs.  We help businesses maximise their employee training ROI and build a successful enterprise.

For more information, contact the Tess Group on 01604 210 500 or via email at

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