Apprenticeship Jargon Buster: So… 5th Friday at The Tess Group, not like I’m counting or anything, but I feel like I’m hitting more and more milestones, everyday; not just physically, but mentally too – and that’s why this Fridays blog is going to be about the jargon that I have discovered since my time in a professional workspace. I am providing a bit of inspiration too for anyone thinking to partake in a Junior Content Producer or Digital Marketing Apprenticeship as it is not just everyday jargon but the confusing expressions that were hurled at me on my first day too. Of course, I am no expert, however I like writing and sharing my thoughts – so with a little bit of hope that what has helped me, may help you too!

Apprenticeship Jargon Buster – My Top 10:

  1. (Believe it or not) Corporate was the first word that threw me right off. Obviously with it being my first day, a nod of reassurance and a smile did the job, they didn’t suspect a thing. For those of you that also don’t know, corporate is another word to describe a business that often gives off a professional and dutiful persona – so you can see how it would’ve made me look admitting I didn’t know that word having entered a corporate business.
  1. Apprenticeship Levy – having started an apprenticeship myself, a little bit of research on what the apprenticeship levy is before you start, won’t go a miss – it definitely helps you understand the world of apprenticeships a bit more and the role your business has in it. Especially for me, understanding this has a pivotal role when understanding what The Tess Group do as a business. Imagine the joy you get on a cloudy day when the sun starts to peep through the clouds and steers off the fogginess – that’s exactly how I felt when this was explained to me and The Tess Groups role within it. But, as I said before, I am no expert so check out Tess’s Q&A page on their website for a VERY in-depth description of what it is:
  1. Trailblazers – no, it’s not something out of a 1950’s cowboy film – it’s the term used to describe a group of employers who are developing a new apprenticeship standard. That brings me onto my next one.
  1. Apprenticeship Standard – there is actually a difference between the standard apprenticeship (framework) and the apprenticeship standard, and pretty much the apprenticeship standard is a newly designed way of teaching which tailors the needs of the employer. Furthermore, incase your wandering, there are thousands of standards to choose from!
  1. ROI – I would be lying if I said I still don’t get confused between all of these business acronyms: ROI, B2B, B2C, CEO, CRM – it really is a load of jargon. BUT ROI is an important one, it stands for Return on Investment – so if your business has a high ROI your business is doing well in proportion to the amount they invested in the forefront and vice versa. Not to brag or anything, but my business is pretty good at that type of thing!
  1. Training Provider – which is what The Tess Group is, does, breathes… embarrassing that I didn’t quite understand it, I know! However, this industry is simply not promoted enough – considering they help excel and improve the futures of thousands of learners (which by the way, this can apply to you too, even if you are a school learner or an employee wishing to further their studies in their career) – your wish is our command. A training provider essentially provides YOU with the learning by working with your employer to tailor your apprenticeship or SSW to achieve your desirable goals. That’s impressive if you ask me – a company that puts YOUR best interests first!
  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation. You ace this, and your business will succeed in regard to your marketing goals and reaching your target audience. If you focus on the front of your business and marketing campaigns but leave out the stuff behind closed doors… it can affect your business in a way many people don’t really understand – as again, it is not very much taught about. It takes more than just building links, creating any old content, and adding a few keywords to improve your organic search rankings and increasing the visibility of your business. This is something I am yet to master, and I am just waiting on the ‘Hey, this is my 32nd Friday at The Tess Group and I have finally cracked SEO’.
  1. Breadcrumbs – Weird name for something that is the polar opposite, I know, but these are simply the links at the top of a web page or in a search result that help the user navigate the site.
  1. Cookie – a delicious baked umm… bit of data used to track, personalise, and save information about each user’s session online. As a kid, I would always shoo away the ‘Cookie’ pop ups that would interrupt me playing an online game or watching a movie on Netflix – they are disregarded by many – a simple click of the ‘yes’ and the pop up that blocks your page, disappears, but it is a lot more than that.
  1. Lastly, my favourite, for no reason at all… Metadata: they are essentially snippets of information to describe another piece of data. So if you look at The Groups Website on Google Search it starts with ‘Welcome to The Tess Group, the apprenticeship levy experts’; it describes exactly who we are and what we do to give the viewer a preview into the webpage they are about to be entering.


Concluding todays learning session presented to you by me – trainer for The Tess Group, Apprenticeship Jargon Buster or junior content producer? Who knows…

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog as I present to you another chapter of my journey at The Tess Group!