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We are proud to offer a wide range of online and face to face apprenticeships. The following Apprenticeship standards are available through live webinars, virtual training sessions, conference calls and online learning tools. With a variety of apprenticeships and delivery options, including cohorts dedicated for your business, or joining existing cohorts, we can offer a training solution that suits your business objectives and complements existing training taking place.

We have won awards for our Apprenticeships programmes, most recently in January 2020; which means you can trust in the quality of our offering.

We will work in partnership with you as a business to ensure the learning and development apprenticeship solution is fit for a real return on investment. We would be proud to be your learning provider of choice.

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Leadership & management

Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

Team Leader Supervisor

Level 3

A Team leader or ​supervisor is a first line management role, with operational and project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome. They provide direction, instructions and guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals.

Associate Project Manager

Level 4

Projects can be defined and delivered within different contexts, across diverse industry sectors. They can be large or small. Associate project managers need good planning, organisation, leadership, management and communication skills.

Operations/ Departmental Manager

Level 5

An Operations or departmental manager is someone who manages teams and/or projects, and achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisations strategy.

Senior People Professional

Level 7

A Senior People Professional interacts with a range of stakeholders across their organisation, creating long-term value for a wide audience.

Lean management

Senior Leader

Level 7

Senior Leaders are a key component of all types of business model where there is a workforce to lead, manage and support.

Business Improvement Apprenticeships

Improvement Technician

Level 3

Improvement Technicians are responsible for delivery and coaching of improvement activity within an area of responsibility, often associated with Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Improvement Practitioner

Level 4

Improvement Practitioners use a blend of Lean and Six Sigma, project and change management principles and tools to identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes.

Improvement Specialist

Level 5

Improvement Specialists are responsible for leading the deployment of improvement strategy, for training others and for providing broad and deep technical expertise in advanced and complex Lean and Six Sigma.

Improvement Leader

Level 6

Improvement Leaders are responsible for developing improvement strategy, providing leadership in improvement for the business and for coaching and supporting Improvement Specialists in advanced analysis.

Creative & Digital

Creative, Digital and Technology Apprenticeships

Digital Marketer

Level 3

The primary role of a digital marketer is to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention.


Junior Content Creator

Level 3

Working to the customer/client brief, they research, prepare and develop the media messaging to maximise audience engagement, capturing the strategy and objectives of the brand and needs of the customer they are representing.

Digital Community Manager

Level 4

The broad purpose of the occupation is to facilitate and instigate direct communication online between the end user or customer and the organisation. The customers who are communicating with the organisation are referred to as ‘the community’.

Data, Analytics and AI Apprenticeships

Data Technician

Level 3

The broad purpose of the occupation is to source, format and present data securely in a relevant way for analysis.


Data Analyst

Level 4

The Data Analyst apprenticeship equips individuals with the ability to ascertain how data can be used in order to answer questions and solve problems.

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Hospitality Team Member

Level 2

The role is very varied and although hospitality team members tend to specialise in an area, they have to be adaptable and ready to support team members across the business, for example during busy periods.

Food & catering

Hospitality Supervisor

Level 3

Hospitality Supervisors provide vital support to management teams and are capable of independently supervising hospitality services and running shifts. They typically work under pressure delivering fantastic customer service.

Hospitality Manager

Level 4

Common to all managers in this role is their passion for exceeding customers’ expectations. Hospitality managers have a high level of responsibility and are accountable for fulfilling the business vision and objectives

Food & Catering Apprenticeships

Commis Chef

Level 2

A commis chef prepares food and carries out basic cooking tasks under the supervision of a more senior chef. The primary objective of the commis chef is to learn and understand how to carry out the basic functions in every section of the kitchen.

Production Chef

Level 2

Production chefs are likely to work with centrally developed standardised recipes and menus, producing food often in high volumes.

Senior Culinary Chef

Level 4

The broad purpose of the occupation is to develop new recipes, products and product lines. A senior culinary chef will maintain high culinary standards, oversee all food preparation and presentation to ensure quality and standard.


Chef de Partie

Level 3

A chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen. This type of chef usually manages a small team of workers, which they must keep organised so that dishes go out on time and the work area remains clean and orderly.

Training, Coaching, Learning and Development

L&D Practitioner

Level 3

L&D Practitioners are typically involved with identifying learning/training needs, designing/sourcing training and learning solutions & delivering and evaluating training.

Learning Mentor

Level 3

Learning Mentors (LMs) support learners of all ages, and all levels, to develop within a new work role.  These learners may be apprentices, trainees or new recruits in the workplace.

HR Support

Level 3

HR Support work is likely to include handling day to day queries and providing HR advice & working on a range of HR processes.

Assessor Coach

Level 4

Your coaching skills involve complex communication techniques to actively listen, provide feedback and to engage learners in planning their individualised learning programme.

Cultural Learning & Participation Officer

Level 3

Cultural Learning and Participation Officers (CLPO) plan, organise and co-ordinate artistic and cultural education workshops, schedules of activity and community engagement projects that will vary in duration.

Coaching Professional

Level 5

Coaching is a way of treating people, a way of thinking and a way of being which is seen as
vital to supporting individuals and organisations in increasingly volatile and ever-changing environments.

Retail & customer service

L&D Consultant/Business Partner

Level 5

As a L&D Consultant/Business Partner, you have the commercial responsibility to align learning needs with the strategic ambitions and objectives of the business

Retail & Customer Service Apprenticeships

Customer Service Practitioner

Level 2

The role of a customer service practitioner is to deliver high quality products and services to the customers of their organisation.

Customer Service Specialist

Level 3

The main purpose of a customer service specialist is to be a ‘professional’ for direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types.

Retail Manager

Level 4

Retail managers are responsible for delivering sales targets and a positive experience to customers that will encourage repeat custom and loyalty to the brand / business.

sales & admin

Retail Team Leader

Level 3

Retail team leaders are a critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to customers, and may have to deputise for managers in their absence.

Sales & Admin Apprenticeships

Business Admin

Level 3

This business administration course seeks to teach learners the main practices required to work in a variety of roles and complete tasks in a real business environment to the highest possible standard.

Recreation & Leisure

Sales Executive

Level 4

A Sales Executive is a sales person working in either the Business to Business or Business to Consumer markets with responsibility to sell a specific product line or service.

Recreation & Leisure Apprenticeships

Community Activator Coach

Level 2

This role plays an important part in improving the health and wellbeing of the nation and provides a positive environment that supports (especially young) people to grow and develop through sport and physical activity.

Sporting Excellence

Level 3

Sporting Excellence Professionals developed via this apprenticeship are competent to perform consistently and effectively in training environments and competitions

Sports Coach

Level 4

The main purpose of the Sport Coach occupation is to use extensive technical and tactical sports knowledge and skills to design and deliver coaching programmes

Community Sport and Health Officer

Level 3

The key role of a Community Sport and Health Officer (CSHO) is to initiate behaviour change in local residents with regards to engagement in sport and physical activity across local communities.

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