Role profile & what you will learn

As an Assessor Coach, you will be a dual professional, using your up-to-date professional knowledge and skills to support vocational and professional development across the formal education and training sector as well as in any employer setting, and at any level.

You may for example, coach and assess apprentices, trainees or new recruits (ranging from young entrants, to new CEOs) in the workplace. As an Assessor Coach you will assess vocational learners, usually on a one-to-one basis, in a range of learning environments.

Your coaching skills involve complex communication techniques to actively listen, provide feedback and to engage learners in planning their individualised learning programme. These skills are also integral to assessing learners’ competence in relation to work-related/industry standards and life skills.

As an Assessor Coach, you will work co-operatively with other Education and training sector professionals (such as teachers, human resource professionals and mentors/supervisors in the workplace) in supporting the learner’s development of vocational competence and the wider skills that relate to employability and professionalism.

Details of program

During your apprenticeship you will develop the following professional behaviours, knowledge and skills:

As an Assessor Coach, you will:

  • Inspire, motivate and raise learners’ aspirations through your passion for the sector
  • Operate at all times to ethical and legal standards and within professional boundaries
  • Model and encourage mutual respect, displaying a deep understanding of equality and diversity, with and between learners, colleagues and appropriate agencies
  • Be resilient and adaptable when dealing with challenge and change, maintaining focus and self-control
  • Value the importance of maths, English and ICT skills in the learners’ future economic and social well-being
  • Evaluate and improve your own professional practice in relation to the Professional Standards for Teachers and Educators in the Education and Training Sector

Duration: 15 months

Delivery Options:

Online ☑️

Face to face ☑️

Combination of both☑️

Start dates: Monthly

Assessment Gateway

After a minimum of 12 months on programme, at the assessment gateway your employer will make the decision that
you are ready to undertake the end point assessment
Before going forward for end point assessment, you must have:

  • Achieved Level 2 English, maths and ICT (if not held)
  • Achieved Level 1 safeguarding
  • Completed a showcase
  • Met the set skills, knowledge and behaviours of the standard
  • Achieved 20% off the job requirement

End Point Assessment

Following successful completion of the Gateway, you will proceed to end point assessment (EPA).
The EPA is undertaken by an independent assessment organisation.
The End Point assessment components are:

  • 2 x Assessor Coach observations with Q&A
  • Professional discussion informed by the showcase portfolio

Your overall grade of Fail, Pass or Distinction will be determined by the End Point Assessment organisation.

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