Today marks my 4th Friday at The Tess Group. Big Day, I know. One whole month – it really is all still quite exciting. I feel like I have learnt so much in such a small space of time already! Yet I know that what I am learning now at The Tess Group in my junior content producer apprenticeship , will be ongoing. I started my journey at The Tess Group not quite knowing anything about the industry or the career path that I was heading into, but I did my research, as you do before you start a new job, and my mind was still sat at that blank page that it has been since I left school in march.


I left school with not even an incline of thought about what I wanted to pursue in life. All I knew was that the time that I could spend relaxing at home, doing nothing, was coming to an end. I knew I had to do something about it.

Firstly, after being drilled into by my school that Uni was the ‘be all and end all’ option, I figured out that Uni wasn’t going to be the route for me; the thought of sitting in a classroom for the next 3 or so years haunted me – but I didn’t want my education to stop there. After all, it did come to quite an unexpected halt in March due to the devastation of the Coronavirus. However, as you do, I made the most of being at home, especially because of national lockdown and then before I knew it, it was August, and naturally I entered panic mode. Frantically searching all the Job sites: Indeed, Reed,, all for the perfect opportunity to pop up. Then I found Tess and this junior content producer apprenticeship.

Where am I at now?

My name is Lauren, and I am 4 weeks into my Junior Content Creator Apprenticeship. I am absolutely loving it to say the least!! It would be an understatement if I was to say that THIS was the perfect opportunity.

And no… I haven’t just been making teas or filing paperwork, I really have been getting stuck into my apprenticeship and experimenting straight away! The flexibility of this job, accompanied by the creative spark that has been ignited in me, really means I am busy 24/7, and I LOVE IT! I mean, that was my overall goal when searching for a job months ago – I wanted to find a reason to want to get up in the morning, to want to go to work, even to the extent where I am checking my work emails in my free time because Tess is a part of my life now.

So, today marks my 4th Friday at The Tess Group, where I have been planning the creation of Tess’s first YouTube video – a short business introductory video that shouts out about who we are and what we do – given that I have no experience in making YouTube videos, today has resulted in me watching tutorials on how to use iMovie – if this doesn’t prove that my learning and progression, not only in my apprenticeship and career but as a person is going to be never ending, then I don’t know what does.

Thus, upon writing this blog to finish of the day, I have discovered that the never-ending encouragement and optimism that I am given, here at Tess, does not go unappreciated and I am yet to experience that ‘Friday feeling’ because every day feels like a Friday at Tess!

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I am yet to experience that ‘Friday feeling’ because every day feels like a Friday at Tess!

Lauren Riley