9th Friday and I am back with another blog that contains a list! (Actually, uploading this on a Friday this week – woohoo). Just over two months I have been at Tess for now – a scarily long time, that means 10 months left of my apprenticeship, eek. However, from tomorrow (once Halloween is over!) we can officially start counting down for Christmas, even thought that started around two weeks ago for us at TESS. Moreover, this is a reminder that Christmas is officially less than two months away – and that’s even scarier!

All this talk about Christmas got me thinking about how when we were little, we would make lists for Santa from the Argos catalogue. And although it’s too early to be writing a Christmas list, I thought I would go ahead and challenge my brain to think of words that relate to my daily job at The TESS Group in an A-Z list. Sounds easy, right? I can definitely say that I struggled as I got closer to the bottom…


My A-Z List:


A – for Apprenticeship. Probably the easiest and simplest word that could come out of this list.

B – for this Blog! My first time having my own blog and writing articles weekly, so it is a pretty big part of my job.

C – for Canva (a creative software that I use to create content everyday without doubt)

D – for Dress down Friday! Got to love a Friday just for this reason!

E – for Encouragement. The amount of encouragement I receive at TESS towards anything I do is immense. I really am a part of the best team!

F – for this Filler word because I couldn’t think of a word beginning with F…

G – for Google Calendar. My Jobs holy grail system of tell you how busy someone else is, just as you need to get hold of them!

H – for the Hilarious LinkedIn posts that are provided to me daily by Lisa – if only I could have her witty brains to come up with good post content!

I – for the Ice-cold water that comes out of the water machine that we have at TESS. It is SO refreshing first thing on a Monday morning.

J – for Journey. The journey that I am partaking in as an Apprentice at TESS and sharing with all of you.

K – for Keyword. The word that is optimised on each page of a website to get a good SEO score! Can you guess what the one for this blog is?

L – for the Laptop charger that broke on me yesterday whilst I was working from home after my laptop died – somehow still managed to get work done on my iPad though.

M – for Marketing. Something that I am constantly learning about.

N – for New Skills. Not just ones that I have learnt, but ones you can learn through doing na apprenticeship or short course with TESS.

O – for Orange. The colour that represents TESS. If you couldn’t already tell…

P – for the Pear that I bring in everyday to have with my lunch!

Q – for the amount of Questions my inquisitive brain has and asks daily about my job role, industry and The TESS Group.

R – for TESS’S Instagram rebrand (watch out for it next week @tessgroup) 😉

S – for Sherlock! TESS’s team mascot and probably the cutest little fluff-ball you will ever meet.

T – for Tea. Every day I have at least 3 green teas just at work. Think it’s more routine than anything.

U – for UPDATE. Constantly updating each social media, this blog, the website, my emails, it’s never-ending! Not forgetting the daily update email that we send to the Tess Management team at the end of every day (ironic as today I have forgot to do it). Next thing on my list to do!

V – for Video Conference. With the world’s current circumstance, everything is pretty much done remotely, and a lot of video calls take place – it is. A massive part of my day to day job!

W – for WordPress. The software we use to create this website. After a thorough session with Jules learning all about WordPress last week, you now may call me a Tech-whiz!

X – for Xenon. A chemical element with the atomic number 54. Yes, I had to use the internet for this one because I don’t know many more words beginning with X. Even though it has nothing to do with my job, but I suppose I do encounter it every day as it is a gas found in the earth’s atmosphere!

Y – for the Yummy biscuits sat beside me on my desk. Baileys flavoured Choco Leibniz – can’t get much better than that!

Z – for the Zzzz. Replicating my peaceful snore at night-time after a long busy week at work!


Thank you for taking the time to read another one of my blogs – I hope you enjoyed it!

As I mentioned, follow @tessgroup on Instagram to watch out for its new rebrand!

P.S. The keyword for this page was List (just cheekily getting it in one more time to boost that SEO score)