As promised, a much shorter read for this week, which is again, LATE. I am starting to think I shouldn’t promise a blog every Friday if it’s becoming a recurring problem that I never upload it on time… However, Week 8 and here I am, setting my own SMART Goals and hopefully showing the importance of having them so that you can set them for yourself too!


It is essential in life that you set yourself goals or targets to reach so that you get a mini sigh of accomplishment or gratitude when you achieve each one. However, when setting goals there will always be something else that you want to achieve; more than what you want right now. I was listening to a podcast on my way to work last week and it said that humans are never satisfied because what they wish to happen in the future, is no longer what they want when they reach that point. This leads to us always wanting more because we are never satisfied with just one thing – and so when we finally get to that future goal, it is no longer the current goal that we want to strive towards. Thus, to fix this problem by setting SMART goals it will hopefully provide you (and me) with the determination to reach these goals to achieve a feeling of being: successful, happier, physically and mentally stronger, because hey, any achievement is better than none right? I am all here for celebrating the small wins and not being too hard on yourself, as this is what gives you the motivation to carry on, no matter the size of the goal.


What are SMART Goals?


So, what is a SMART goal? Before joining TESS I didn’t know what one was and so I thought this would be a good chance to set my own so that as a reflection I can look back on what I have achieved and evaluate whether my goals were SMART.


Specific – Your goal should be clear otherwise you won’t focus on your desired efforts or feel motivated enough to achieve it. Focus on one thing as opposed to multiple things at once!

Measurable – It must be Measurable in order for you to track your progress and stay motivated. Assessing progress, with anything, helps you to have mini bursts of motivation to stay focused, meet deadlines and experience the excitement of becoming closer to your overall goal.

Achievable – In order to be successful, your goal must be attainable. Thus, it shouldn’t be impossible for you to achieve, however it should still push you and your abilities. When applying your goal to this, ask yourself what you are capable of and if this fits within your capable assets.

Relevant/Realistic – You can look at this step in two ways. The first bing that When applying this step to your goal it is all about ensuring that your goal is relevant to you and will benefit you positively. We all need support and assistance when achieving our goals but it is important to retain control over them and ensure that you are fully responsible in achieving your goal. Next, your goal must be realistic (similarly to achievable). It would be nice for us all to write our goal as to be a millionaire. I mean, I am not doubting any of you, but is it realistic? You need to be setting a goal that is just of reach to you and must be something that only entirely YOU want and no one else for you.

Time-bound – Every goal must be time constrained and thus you must set a target date/time for each goal. This is important so that you can focus on and have something to work toward. This part of the SMART goal criteria helps to prevent everyday tasks from taking priority over your longer-term goals.

Smart goals are important when providing you with clarity, determination and drive to be successful and help you achieve what you want.

Therefore I am going to write down my own SMART goal to share it with everyone in hope that it motivates me to go above and beyond to prove to myself that it is possible…

My SMART Goal:

In exactly a years time, I would like to be in the position where I have completed my apprenticeship in Junior Content Creation and smashed it by achieving a high level award by fully preparing for my end point assessment and fulfilling all the requirements that are associated with my portfolio. From this, I want my Instagram to have grown (@rileysrendering) so that I can look back and reflect on my journey as an apprentice. Not only this but my overall goal would be to have also grown The Tess Groups social media sites significantly and gain excellent traction from our audience which would create leads to new clients, comparably to what it is now. Furthermore, hoping that this would be the start of my successful career as a Digital Marketer!

Now, reflecting on my goal it is exactly SMART as long as I put in the effort and drive to prove that my work can help generate new leads for my business as well as kickstarting my career which will enable me to grow and learn more about my industry.


Your Turn:

Now, I want you all to go away and create a SMART goal – whether it be in the long term or just a goal for the short term, for example in the next two weeks as long as it is SMART there will be no problem in achieving it!