COVID Talk with TESS: The restrictions of LOCKDOWN NUMBER 2…

The UK are currently in a 4 week lockdown (well, as far as we’re aware – but who knows, Boris may extend it up till Christmas)… Sigh I know, but we must look at the positives of COVID and learn that something good must come out of everything. AND hopefully we will be able to have a normal (or at-least semi-normal) Christmas!


So, I thought it would be good to talk about how COVID has impacted our day to day jobs at TESS. I’m sure everyone is coping differently with the current restrictions, with them tightening them, then being lifted; it really is a massive strain on everyone working, as no one really knows what to do. I think we have just got to take it day by day and focus on ourselves and what we need to get done rather than the negativity associated with the media and daily news shows.

How is COVID affecting your working day?

1. Firstly, working from home when you’re used to being sat in an office all week is slightly weird isn’t it? I know that I definitely prefer working in the office and being surrounded by my colleagues (socially distanced of course). It brings normality and structure to my life that I lost during the first lockdown. It also definitely boosts my productivity levels – there’s just something about working from home that drives my motivation levels to the ground. It might be the fact I am sat in pyjamas all day so my brain is constantly in ‘sleepy’ mode…

2.Β  Not only this, but no ‘physical contact’. Since starting my job in September I have met a lot of new people and we have often settled for an elbow touch or wave as opposed to a formal handshake – this is something I definitely think will stick around for a long time.

3. Thirdly, no ‘non-essential’ travel… I bet a lot of industry’s have lost work during this period due to restricting travel rules. I have recently been on a trip to London with The TESS Group as a part of an ‘educational’ visit which was very nice to get out of the office for a day and actually see first hand the type of learning and training is going on. Obviously, as a part of my job I was there to take photos and post live updates on the Commis Chef Masterclass (of which you can read more about in my previous blog: ) not just have a ponder round London. This restriction definitely would’ve struck a lot of businesses hard depending on the industry you are in: that means no travelling for a face-to-face meeting and rather it taking place on Zoom. It also means no non-essential work trips, so you really are stuck in the office (or home office) all week, and honestly it does kind of get boring. However, it shouldn’t affect the work that we are producing, permitting we can still get it done – as we are only ever an email or phone away from each other!

4. Following from this, Zoom and Google Meets has taken over our lives. I have recently posted on our Instagram and Facebook about the ‘new normal’, and I seriously think it will be a new digital age going forward. Why waste a three hour journey when the meting can be done remotely? Why get up super early to prepare for an interview when you can just put a smart top on and have an interview online? Now I’m not saying be lazy and slack on your presentation or work ethic, I think we should look at it positively and embrace the benefits that Covid has given us. At first, I know that we were all thinking ‘nope’ at the thought of working from home or attending a webinar – but actually it has just prepared us for the future and we now realise that we only didn’t like it, because it wasn’t normal for us.

These are just a few changes that I thought could start off our COVID talk, and I’m sure there will many more to come… Let us know what you think about the new changes and how it has impacted your company or working day?