Role profile & what you will learn

A chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen. This type of chef usually manages a small team of workers, which they must keep organised so that dishes go out on time and the work area remains clean and orderly. However, in smaller kitchens a chef de partie may work independently as the only person in their section.  You will supervise and oversee the operational running of your section, so the kitchen brigade system runs as smoothly as possible.  Depending on your placement the kitchen sizes will differ, but the principles will remain the same; to teach and lead others whom you work with and to have a holistic approach to the kitchen whilst leading a specific section of it. This apprenticeship would suit any chef who is wishing to climb the ladder and learn more about the qualities required to supervise others whilst developing their own cookery skills.  Explore the full breadth of the menu options whilst working to a high standard in a challenging, time-bound environment.  To learn all aspects of the kitchen, so you can have an appreciation of the diverse needs a supervisor would need to lead the team.

Details of program

In between attending online or face to face workshops, each apprentice completes assignments
and other work-related activities or projects.
Each apprentice builds a record of their continuing professional development (Learning Journal)
throughout the apprenticeship. This forms part of the final end-point assessment tasks and
supports the development of skills and application of their learning and development into the

This apprenticeship usually takes 12 – 18 months to complete during which you will participate in training, development and on-going review activities. This apprenticeship covers the professional behaviours, knowledge and skills that are required of a Chef de Partie:

  • Industry and food trends, customer preferences and environmental factors that influence dishes and menus.
  • Food safety practices and procedures to ensure safe preparation and cooking of food.
  • How to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures
  • Understand the principles of supply chain management
  • Brief, coach and motivate others to produce high-quality dishes and menu items which are delivered on time and to standard.
  • Advocate the importance of working safely and legally in the best interest of all people.

Duration: 12 – 18 months

Delivery Options:

Online ☑️

Face to face ☑️

Combination of both☑️

Start dates: Monthly

Assessment Gateway

After a minimum of 12 months on programme, at the assessment gateway your employer will make the decision that you are ready to undertake the end point assessment
Before going forward for end point assessment, you must have:

  • Achieved Level 2 English, maths (if not held)
  • Met the set skills, knowledge and behaviours of the standard
  • Achieved 20% off the job requirement

End Point Assessment

Following successful completion of the Gateway, you will proceed to end point assessment (EPA).
The EPA is undertaken by an independent assessment organisation.
The End Point assessment components are:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Practical observation in a working environment
  • Culinary challenge project and observation in a controlled environment 
  • Professional discussion

All components of the end point assessment must be completed and an end point assessment grade
will be determined by the end point assessor.

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