Digital Community Manager Level 4

Duration: 24 Months

Delivery: Online, Face to Face or Both

Start Dates: Monthly


The broad purpose of the Digital Community Manager occupation is to facilitate and instigate direct communication online between the end-user or customer and the organisation. The customers who are communicating with the organisation are referred to as ‘the community. Digital Community Managers are the ‘public face’ online for an organisation, implementing their communication strategy to support its business objectives. This is achieved through the management of online media channels and delivering activities such as release information, updates and responding to questions from the community. Digital Community Managers deliver information and useful ideas from the community to their organisation and are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the organisation within the player community. Conversely, they provide information from their organisation back to the community.

Details of the programme

This apprenticeship usually takes 24 months to complete during which you will participate in training, development and ongoing review activities. Some of the modules in this apprenticeship include:

  • How to Stimulate and Drive Customer Interaction Includes work on developing attention to detail, accuracy, communicating clearly and ethical persuasion. How to listen, assess, engage and react to situations. Autonomous working. Planning and initialise content posts. The appropriate level of intervention to change behaviour in the event of a violation.
  • Knowing your organisation. Includes branding and ensuring branding is on point, goals, commercial objectives and USPs of your products and services.
  • Understanding Social Media Platforms. Includes going into depth on your customers’ profiles and demographics. How to modify communications to maximise impact through social media platforms.
  • Community Management Having Effective Communication. Includes communication with the wider community and how to address complex concerns and queries to resolve conflict. Community management and the theory & practice of neuroscience-linguistic programming.
  • Technologies. Includes Internet forum software and contents management systems. Principles of data analytics and how to report findings.
  • Our Businesses Operating Environment. Includes Key Competitors and how to analyse them. Ours and our competitors USPs, wider trends, best practice hot topics in your industry.
  • Safety, Security and Resilience. Includes Working safely online and separating out professional interactions to personal. Online security procedures and spotting threats to cyber and data security. How to identify and deal with malicious or criminal activity. 
  • Digital Marketing. Includes Theory and practice of digital marketing, its role in overall communication strategy and how best to communicate a brand and product value.

The End Point Assessment Process

Assessment Gateway

At the assessment gateway, your employer will make the decision that you are ready to undertake the endpoint assessment.
Before going forward for endpoint assessment, you must have:

  • Achieved Level 2 English, maths (if not held)
  • Met the set skills, knowledge and behaviours of the standard
  • Achieved 20% off the job requirement
  • Portfolio of Evidence
End Point Assessment

Following successful completion of the Gateway, you will proceed to endpoint assessment (EPA).
The EPA is undertaken by an independent assessment organisation.
The End Point assessment components are:

  • Scenario Test with a question and answer session
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

All components of the endpoint assessment must be completed and an endpoint assessment grade will be determined by the endpoint assessor.

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