Are you currently employed but wish to better your career chances for free?

Would you like to learn some more things and add some significant qualifications to your CV?

We have free qualifications in

  • IT User skills at level 2 or 3: These are these are full certificates
  • Digital skills at level 1 or 2 : These are full certificates
  • English functional skills to give you GCSE equivalent grades
  • Maths functional skills to give you GCSE equivalent grades
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You can either do these fully funded courses in work or in your spare time. Most of the work is online or where possible via your phone.  Therefore the learning is flexible. Eligibility does apply, you need to be in work and live in the Birmingham/Coventry area. Other eligibility requirements apply. Get in touch and we can help get you started.

Our intentions are genuinely to support you and give you something valuable to help your career. We have been in the learning and development industry for over ten years and are very proud to have this funding to be able to help you gain more qualifications without a cost to you.

This funding is RARE so please consider it, if you are open and keen to progress in your career.

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