The future of employee training and development in 2018

For any business to grow and become more efficient, it needs its employees to grow with it, learning new skills and refining the way that they work and use the provided tools. Techniques and technology are constantly changing. Here we explore our predictions of employee training and development for 2018. This is the focus of the future of employee training and development in 2018.


Just as marketers and product developers are turning more to personalised products and communications, so too are training and development programs. Employee learning can now be constructed to adapt to a user’s preferences, optimal learning styles, pace, interests, and experiences.

Formal learning outcomes are then arranged around the individual’s needs as well as the organisations to deliver optimum capability development, particularly in leadership development qualifications.

The Tess Group offer bespoke learning and development courses suitable for employers and employees. To find out more, contact us here.

Going digital

At the Tess Group, we use One File, offering students an e-learning platform to branch out to flexible learning around commitments. OneFile is the UK’s only learning platform that brings training and assessment together – so users can access all the training tools they need in one place.

For more information on personalised and bespoke training courses, contact Faye More on who will provide further information, offerings and case studies.

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