Hospitality managers work across a huge variety of organisations including bars, restaurants, cafés, conference centres, banqueting venues, hotels and contract caterers. These managers generally specialise in a particular area, however their core knowledge, skills and behaviours are aligned. Common to all managers in this role is their passion for exceeding customers’ expectations. Hospitality managers have a high level of responsibility and are accountable for fulfilling the business vision and objectives which requires excellent business, people and customer relation skills. Individuals in this role are highly motivated team leaders that combine a talent for management and specific industry skills and thrive on the customer facing nature of the role.

During your Apprenticeship you will gain a deeper understanding of operating models which help achieve the businesses objectives. You will learn how to monitor and manage income and costs and use forecasting to set targets, control resources, prepare financial cases and evaluate sales and productivity. As part of your training, you will also have the opportunity to develop your people skills, gain the knowledge needed to identify and manage risk and learn how to develop talent to improve individual and team performance.  In addition will have the chance to develop a deeper insight into the customer service journey, the impact of service failure on the business and how to implement service recovery strategies and provide clear direction for teams to achieve objectives.

Details of program

This apprenticeship usually takes 18 months to complete during which you will participate in training, development and on-going review activities. This apprenticeship covers the professional behaviours, knowledge and skills that are required of a Hospitality Manager:

  • Environmental, legislative and social responsibilities and their impact on business
  • Operating models to help achieve business vision, objectives and to meet financial targets
  • Financial and business strategy, risks, constraints and implication
  • Decision making and forecasting based on current and future trends
  • Contingency planning
  • Marketing, sales strategies and techniques
  • Implementation of service recovery strategy to uphold business reputation and maintain customer satisfaction
  • Product or service evaluation based on a sound analysis and judgment of available management information

Duration: 18 months

Delivery Options:

Online ☑️

Face to face ☑️

Combination of both☑️

Start dates: Monthly

Assessment Gateway

At the assessment gateway your employer will make the decision that you are ready to undertake the end point assessment
Before going forward for end point assessment, you must have:

  • Achieved Level 2 English, maths  (if not held)
  • Business project preparation
  • Met the set skills, knowledge and behaviours of the standard
  • Achieved 20% off the job requirement

End Point Assessment

Following successful completion of the Gateway, you will proceed to end point assessment (EPA).
The EPA is undertaken by an independent assessment organisation.
The End Point assessment components are:

  • On demand test
  • Business project
  • Professional discussion

All components of the end point assessment must be completed and an end point assessment grade
will be determined by the end point assessor.

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