Apprenticeship Service

From April 1st 2021, all accredited apprenticeship standards that are delivered in England must now be managed using the Apprenticeship Service. If you are an employer looking to hire an apprentice, you must have an account by registering as an employer via the Government website.

So, how exactly do you register an account on the apprenticeship service? Let’s have a look…

1 Registering as a user. Before you make an account, you will need a valid email address, permission to add PAYE Schemes to the account and permission to accept the employer agreement on behalf of your organisation. Visit the Government website here to get started.

2 Adding a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) Scheme to your account. You will need to register this using your Government Gateway credentials or PAYE Scheme reference number along with your accounts office reference number.

3 Confirming your organisation. You may need to provide your companies house number, charity number or public body name if the service is not able to match your organisation or if the user wants to search for their organisation manually.

Once these three elements have been complete, it will prompt you to accept the employer agreement. As the user, you must have authority to do this.

Follow the link to our Youtube below to watch our video that explains how you can register an account on the apprenticeship service with ease as an employer:

If you are thinking about hiring an apprentice, as an employer, please find our apprenticeship standards below: