HR Services At The Tess Group

We have a proven track record of delivering pragmatic, commercially sound HR solutions that drive necessary change and improve people performance. We have an analytical & a professionally skilled team in tracking and using HR statistics to identify and minimise risk, and opportunities to drive a business forward.

Our HR Services Include:

  • HR consultancy
  • Culture development
  • Cultural team surveys
  • Change management
  • Strategic HR
  • Management coaching
  • Interim HR support
  • HR mentoring & support
  • Training & development
  • Talent retention 

Cultural Surveys

The cultural survey will be aligned to the cultural change programme; ensuring everyone in the business is working together, with the same values and business goals, to continue to drive your business in the right direction.
We’ll create and administer the survey and then provide you with detailed analysis in your preferred format. The survey design and set up allows us to drill down to look at service areas, specific departments and other details. We will:
  • Ensure confidentiality, anonymity and impartiality, resulting in more accurate results
  • Put together detailed feedback and report analysis
  • Agree a set of actions and strategic plans based on the results 


alongside the survey we will also conduct a number of stakeholder interviews for more in depth, quality information and input 

People Strategy:

based on the results we will work with you to implement a People Plan Strategy that includes:

  1. Agreed & shared beliefs and values
  2. Communication strategy 
  3. Succession planning & Emerging Talent 
  4. Training plans
  5. Resilience and Change management projects
  6. Sustainability and Health and safety projects

The Process:

1. Planning

2. Survey question set/development of question set

3. Survey build, test site and sign off

4. Facilitation of survey, with Response Reporting

5. Survey Analysis

6. Reporting

7. Feedback on results and planning next steps

Essential's HR Training for Managers

Day 1

The Importance of Dignity and Respect in the Workplace

Effective management of grievances

  • How to approach informal grievances
  • Mediation
  • Handling grievances formally including the grievance interview
  • Note taking and documentation
  • Witness statements
  • Questioning techniques
  • Robust grievance reports

The importance of communication skills and body language including simple counselling techniques

Equality Act

  • What is discrimination
  • The 9 protected characteristics
  • How discrimination can occur including direct and indirect discrimination
  • How to effectively manage complaints of bullying and harassment in the workplace

Day 2

Recruitment and Selection

  • Sifting applications
  • Selection interviews
  • Prohibited questions
  • Formal interview process
  • Questioning techniques including competency based questions

Performance Management

  • Managing performance
  • Providing negative feedback in a positive way
  • Documenting poor performance

Ending the Employment Relationship

Discipline including

  • Right to be accompanied
  • Essential features of the disciplinary procedure
  • Suspension 
  • Investigation techniques
  • Disciplinary interviews and sanctions
  • What to include in a warning
  • Right of appeal

Leave / Absence Management

  • Cost of absence
  • Managing short term absence
  • Warnings/cautions
  • Return to work interviews
  • Managing long term absence
  • Seeking effective medical reports
  • Dismissal
  • Holidays and sickness absence.

Other options include:

  •  Employment situation – importance of handling the employment situation and confidentiality
  • Expectations – what people want from work
  • Personalities – interacting with different personalities
  • Strategies – appropriate strategies for dealing with conflict and difficult personalities
  • Communication – techniques to enable effective verbal and non-verbal communication including body language
  • Counselling – use of counselling techniques in the workplace.

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