This month one of our groups of Learning and Development Apprentices are looking at Facilitating Learning. This months webinar includes activities and training on the following topics:

  • Rapport building techniques while facilitating learning
  • Questioning and listening techniques while facilitating learning
  • Language patterns to facilitate and encourage discussions, debate, learning and decisions.
  • Techniques and methods to manage learning and knowledge transfer
  • Management of challenging learner and group behaviours
  • Techniques and methods to embed a culture of learning and continuous improvement
  • Feedback models to support continuous improvement
  • The impact of Facilitating collective and social learning using innovative technological solutions
  • The importance of managing action learning sets, coaching and mentoring

We have adapted our delivery to consider the impact of Covid-19 and ways that learning should be facilitated with this in mind, with it being more important than ever to get key messages across.

The impact on their respective businesses is more effective training being planned using the latest techniques and methods. Learners gain an increased knowledge of how to facilitate learning effectively, whilst gaining toolkits & methodology applicable across the board when it comes to learning and development pieces. 

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