Nearly half of students consider apprenticeships instead university

More than one third of London students awaiting GCSE and A-level results have considered apprenticeships instead of university according to a survey, resulting in nearly half of students consider apprenticeships instead university.

40 per cent of London teenagers questioned said they were considering a vocational route instead of higher education, with most saying they were tempted by the opportunity to “earn while you learn.”

The poll, commissioned by British Gas, also found that 58 per cent of 15 to 19 year olds from London planning to go to university had discussed securing an apprenticeship with their teachers.  It comes after the Evening Standard’s Ladder for London campaign created hundreds of new apprenticeships across London.

Skills Minister Nick Boles, said: “As this survey shows, school leavers are rightly considering an apprenticeship as a serious option when deciding their future. With over 1.8 million starts since 2010, and our reforms to improve their rigour and quality, apprenticeships are now a respected and rewarding route in to the world of work.

More than one fifth of London teenagers said they were considering an apprenticeship in order to avoid student debt, while 15 per cent said they would be more likely to get a higher paid job if they secured an apprenticeship rather than a university degree.

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