As my first week concludes. I am here to reflect and share with you the first snippet of my journey, starting an apprenticeship, at The TESS Group. After the nerves and fear of the first day dawned upon me, I overcame these feelings and thoughts as soon as I walked through the front doors. I was greeted by a team of welcoming, friendly faces; already, the day was off to a good start!

So far my days have been filled with strenuous tasks that have challenged my mind. After all, it has endured a long pause over the past few months given the circumstances of Covid. Hopefully I will read back on this blog in a few months time or even when I have finished my apprenticeship and realise that things have changed, allowing me to progress in this career where everything seems quite unstable at the minute…

If you, too, are wondering how to get your minds active again – then there is no end of opportunities, all credits to The TESS Group. As an eager, hardworking and motivated individual, I can confirm that it may not be easy given the current climate. Plus, being out of learning/work for months is enough to set your motivation back in time. However, it is achievable.

It starts with a plan of what you want for your future, like my daily routines at work, I must plan ahead to make sure I complete work that is set on time and to a good standard – set mini goals for yourself. Or if you are familiar with them: SMART targets! These are essential in ensuring that I hit the KPI’s that contribute towards my apprenticeship.

Then it requires action, you must research more about what you want to do and how to get there – The TESS Group’s Website has many useful resources if you wish to further your learning and undergo a qualification in something you have not thought about before. Similarly, to my first week at The TESS Group, we have researched a new topic of which is unfamiliar to me, and this has allowed me to broaden my knowledge on Digital Marketing and the industry I am in.

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