As an award-winning training provider we’re constantly working on behalf of companies to give them access to the best training that they need – whether that’s a full qualification or a bespoke course designed specifically for your business – we’re here to help. That’s why we’re so excited to have funding in certain areas of the UK.


Last year we worked with Joanna at DBSnet ltd in Northampton. Here are some questions we put to her on how she found doing an SSW program with The Tess Group, what she achieved and her outcomes.

Q. What activities did the participant undertake and how did these help them to achieve their goals?

A. The adviser observed my daily routine, and how I handle my current responsibilities. Afterwards, he commented on the way I work and areas for improvement. These activities helped me improve my daily routine and gave me a better understanding of team leader responsibilities.


Q. What skills have they learned to help them personally and in looking for employment or further learning?

A. I have gained theoretical knowledge, which gave me a better understanding of business and reason behind many company processes.


Q. What activities did the participant undertake to build their confidence?

A. The adviser was a part of a weekly team meeting. Afterwards, he commented on the way I work and areas for improvement. He also gave me very positive feedback which made me more confident.


Q. What has the participant achieved since leaving the project?

A. Increased Productivity and motivation.


Q. Have they experienced any additional benefits because of the support they have received such as an increase in confidence or improved mental health?

A. Increased confidence to manage


Q. Would the participant consider further training in the future?

A. Yes – manager lever training



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