Your sales department are the people that grow your business and with our L&D Sales Solution you can be sure that your team is at the forefront of the business – we transform your people into the ambassadors you always dreamed they’d become with fresh, unique and forward thinking sales training.

Our innovative Sales Solution can be tailored to whatever level of sales you require and weaves in the psychology behind buying, and the buyer’s cycle.

We offer a partnership approach to design in-house, tailor-made courses that are bespoke to your business. We can work with your training & learning and development teams in a number of ways; to help shape the scope of the training with the project sponsors and key stakeholders – right down to the final details.

  • How to account manage
  • Business development programmes
  • Telephone account management programmes


  • More productive lead generation – efficient, deliberate and strategic
  • Conversion rate improvement – consistent mastery of all steps of the sales process
  • Faster identification and advancement of opportunities – with both new and existing customers
  • Heightened understanding of customer needs – including operational issues and value drivers
  • Improved value perception by relevant stakeholders – key players identified and addressed with impact

An example of what may be included in our Sales Training workshops:

Day 1) Me, the market, my positioning, my target
  • The ideal profile and criteria for excellence of the sales high performer
  • Perceptions about myself, my job and my challenges
  • An extra target: my learning goals, ambition and current opportunities
  • Back to the gym: Fundamentals of inter-personal communication, learning new skills and repertoire
  • The 5 supporting attitudes of commercial negotiation
Day includes: Interactive role play & activities, theory based work, coaching & feedback
Day 2) New and existing clients, opportunity identification and qualification
  • Your learning experience:  a benefit for others
  • Generating leads – exchange of strategies and best practices: cold, warm, inevitable and vital
  • Mobilising your contacts, engaging guides to opportunities
  • The economic engine: our active references
  • The power of questions, formulating, directing, motivating  to create or discern issues and needs
  • ‘The Winning Briefcase’:  personalised preparation to obtain the best result from our sales calls
  • Best practice training client cases: framing opportunities
  • The ‘meta-message’: a message beyond words – how to decode what our clients do not voice
Day 3) Understanding the client’s needs, framing the opportunity and need, identifying the players
  • Progress report: matching audience needs with what I can offer
  • The case and how it is presented by the client: feedback and questions to the client
  • Client issues, solutions and benefits
  • Questioning techniques: specification and value drivers
  • Understanding the buying process and the power and position of key stakeholders
  • Stakeholder oriented questions, identifiying value drivers
Day 4) Negotiation, closing and further development of the relationship
  • Progress report: stories of last month’s presentations, application of lessons learned, negotiations and request for feedback/ sparring
  • Securing price and margin. Clearly state our position and stick to it.
  • The ‘competition’ objection: how can we help the prospect to make an objective comparison – one in our favour?
  • The partnership: moving beyond the basic sell to becoming a long term business partner
  • Developing accounts to create a flourishing source of business
  • Networking: identifying, developing and enriching our network to become better known
  • Final feedback

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