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What apprentices will learn

The Sports coach occupation is found in the sport and physical activity sector in high-performance, community and school environments.

The main purpose of the Sport coach occupation is to use extensive technical and tactical sports knowledge and skills to design and deliver coaching programmes that engage, motivate and evolve participants’ skills and performance.

Sport coaches aim to provide meaningful and high-quality learning, development and performance experiences. They support the achievement of medals in talent, national and international competition, enrich performance in local competitions, increase participation, raise educational standards, enhance wellbeing and drive social change. A Sport coach can also influence national wellness to reduce burden on the National Health Service.

Sports coaches work both autonomously and collaboratively to deliver progressive programmes that align to wider curriculum plans. These are tailored to individuals and diverse groups of participants based on robust profiling techniques and whole person development needs.

Details of program

This apprenticeship usually takes 18 months to complete during which you will participate in training, development and on-going review activities. Some of the knowledge modules we teach during this apprenticeship are:

  • Coaching philosophies and professional practice that consider key stakeholder needs, sporting contexts and codes
  • Professional development planning methods and self-awareness skills training techniques
  • Transformational coaching methods and strategic planning techniques
  • Organisational vision, strategies, policies and processes required to ensure legal, ethical, effective and efficient coaching systems. Including current health and safety, safeguarding, data protection and equality laws
  • Approaches to organisational workforce structures that underpin best practice and showcase the value of scope within the coaching team
  • Coaching team development and deployment techniques aligned to all relevant and current legislation, policy, process, operating standards and scopes of practice
  • Coaching service delivery approaches including industry support networks and collaborative, cohesive and competent coaching teams
  • Curriculum design methods and coaching pedagogies relevant to the participants unique development needs, the demands of the sport or physical activity and the occupational environment
  • And much more

Duration: 18 months

Delivery Options:

Online ☑️

Face to face ☑️

Combination of both☑️

Start dates: Monthly

Assessment Gateway

At the assessment gateway your employer will make the decision that you are ready to undertake the end point assessment.
Before going forward for end point assessment, you must have:

  • Employer is satisfied the apprentice is consistently working at or above the level of the occupational standard.
  • Apprentices must have achieved English and mathematics at Level 2.
  • Apprentices must submit a project outline. Apprentices must submit a coaching session outline and risk assessment in preparation for the practical observation with questioning.
  • Apprentices must submit a portfolio of evidence. The portfolio will not be directly assessed but will underpin the professional discussion.

End Point Assessment

Following successful completion of the Gateway, you will proceed to end point assessment (EPA).
The EPA is undertaken by an independent assessment organisation.
The End Point assessment components are:

  • Assessment method 1: Work based project and presentation with questioning
  • Assessment method 2: Practical observation with questioning
  • Assessment method 3: Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio

Both components of the end point assessment must be completed and an end point assessment grade will be determined by the end point assessor.

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