Delivery of an Apprenticeship

When starting the delivery of an apprenticeship programme, thinking about who will be involved is critical for the success of the programme overall, whether you are enrolling 1 person or have large cohorts.

Your training provider should work with you and explain each role in-depth so you and those involved, understand the level of commitment required throughout the entire programme. If you are unsure on who needs to be involved and what their role will look like, read on for our breakdown of key responsibilities.


The Line Manager

 The line manager is absolutely key to the success of any apprentice and the delivery of an apprenticeship programme. Line managers should be brought on board at the very first stages of planning and given all the information on available programmes, including what the commitment looks like for them, the apprentice and their wider teams.

The line manager will have involvement from day one and will be responsible for planning the training time for the apprentice, both with the provider and the 20% off the job training element. The line manager will know when training is taking place and should build up a good relationship with the apprenticeship trainer, taking some responsibility for the progress of the apprentice and being involved in the end point assessment process.


The Mentor

 The mentors’ role is to support the apprentice and help guide the apprentice through the early stages of their career, whilst on programme. The line manager may take on the role as the mentor, however, larger employers tend to have this as a separate role with additional responsibilities.

Your training provider should work with you to support the mentors and give them the information and skills they need to effectively support their apprentices. Mentoring for the first time can be a challenge in itself and a careful selection process should be in place to identify individuals that are ready for the role.

Mentors should be on hand to answer questions from those they are supporting and should regularly catch up with the apprentice, their line manager and the trainer, to ensure consistency of the learning taking place and support in identifying barriers to learning and progress tracking.


The Learning and Development Team

During the launch phases and prior to the delivery of an apprenticeship, the L&D team will be responsible for ensuring the programme delivery models are designed to enhance any existing internal training and meet the needs of the individuals and the business itself. L&D will be involved in creating the communication pieces, right through to supporting in organising information days, assessment centres and inductions days. In smaller organisations, this will likely fall to HR and may not be required at all for organisations taking on small numbers.

Once the programmes have been launched, the L&D team will be responsible for monitoring the overall success of the programme, progress of the learners and getting feedback from those involved.

The L&D team will feedback programme success to the board and be expected to measure return on investment.


Other Roles

You will find other people have smaller roles to play throughout the delivery of an apprenticeship programmes, to help support apprentices and ensure the success of the programme. Their roles may be small but will help shape the outcome of the programme:

Direct Colleagues- to support, praise and celebrate successes

Senior Management across the business – To help communicate the value of the programmes

Directors and The Board – buy-in from the top is essential to the success of any programme

Outside of your organisation, your training provider will be working hard to make sure your programme runs smoothly and there will be a wide range of people involved in the delivery:

  • Trainers
  • Quality Assurers
  • Support and administrative teams
  • Operations teams
  • Programme design teams
  • Account management

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